Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Google Classroom: A Student's Perspective of Assignments

When working with assignments in Google Classroom, the teacher can see how creating and interacting with assignments works from his/her perspective, but it's helpful to be able to see it from the student's perspective.  This video shows you what the student sees when working with assignments.

Google Classroom: How to Join - A Student's Perspective

Once teachers learn to use Google Classroom, they see how beneficial it is as a primary part of their daily teaching tool kit, but it helps to be able to see how all of this looks from the student's perspective.  This video shows you both the teacher's and the student's view as student join a teacher's classroom.

Working With Assignments

Creating assignments with Google Classroom is easy, but there is more to assignments than just creating them.  This video shows you what you can do with assignments and how they work within Google Classroom.

Working With a Classroom

Now that you've created a Google Classroom and students have joined, it, how does this thing work?  This video shows you how to navigate through your Google Classroom, how to create announcements, assignments, and more.

Google Classroom: Creating and Joining Classrooms

This video shows you how to create one or more Google Classrooms and shows you how students will find and join your classroom.

Google Classroom Introduction

If you have not already started using Google Classroom, this video will give you an overview of what Google Classroom can do for you.  Google Classroom makes it easy for you to assign work to students, monitor their progress, provide feedback, and more.  Additionally, it makes it easier to share documents back and forth between teacher and student.  There are many more features in Google Classroom, so be sure to watch the entire Google Classroom series.